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Hi people. 


Anyone who feels overwhelmed, and pressured by this hectic world should not miss artistic visual sensations in your life...The particular benefits of artistic expression go much further than relaxation and enjoyment, and art not only expresses people's spiritual spaces but also be valuable for strengthening, understanding, and empathizing people's self-awareness, mentality & mental experiences...Each piece of sketch/photograph contains one part of my spirits and me, 


As a self-taught artist (may I call this myself? I am just a simple person who likes what I like to do), making visual entertainment, e.g. drawing, painting, photography, resin arts, miniatures and even writing is interesting for me to be myself & complete myself. We all want to, after all, live a vivid life and add some meaning to it.  



From Fan Liang




Newcastle upon Tyne UK



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任何人在忙碌世界里感到不知所措或承受窒息的生活压力的时候,都不应该错过享受不一样的视觉体验...艺术的表达用途不仅仅只是能够放松与享乐,也不仅限于传达你灵魂世界,还可以用于更好的用于沟通理解乃至提高, 释放和治疗你的精神世界....我的大部分每张手绘,照片中都蕴含着 我当下的想法,或者是我认为有必要认识到的心理学知识……“活在属于你的当下”是我的信条。从一个自学者的角度来说,我不是一个自诩以画画为优势的人,但是我真心认为画画是表达自己想法和难以言表的复杂情感的最好的渠道之一。与自己的精神世界擦出火花,与面对的你产生良好的共鸣,甚至与任何在这个世界上有感情的生物产生共鸣,以这种方式更好的理解生活,感受生命的意义。.我的感情和理智都是早熟的,意志和经验却从来成熟不了的,比起那些真正学术和冷静的人,我有太多的情感,比起那些天生放荡不羁的人,我却又有太不合逻辑的理性,这是我的不幸也是我庆幸的地方。

Blue Flowers

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Every artist was first an amateur.”

Ai Weiwei

“Life is art. Art is life. I never separate it.”
Blue Flowers


“Originality is nothing but judicious imitation.”