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A black cat in a paper bag

Need an awesome cat sitter?

Black Tapioca Balls
Flower Petals


Welcome to my Patreon, I provide services e.g. Live Q&A, General Supports and Zoom meetup, lets get to know each other now! 


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歡迎來到Fanl1121的频道,這是一個治愈放松身心 & 具有艺术气息 & 记录我生活乐趣的頻道。


About Channel:

【 爱生活|心灵治愈|表现创造艺术实践|研究顾问+业余艺术家)|美妝|猫保姆】

Integrated "expressive arts" practice incorporates various forms of creative expression, e.g. visual arts, ASMR, GRWM/Makeup Therapy, Mukbang, cat sitter, intuitive collages, storytelling, aesthetic/immerse experience & writing into the (therapeutic) process. Artistic experience facilitates self-discovery, empowerment & spirituality healing.


About Me:

Professional career - PhD in dietary interventions for health ageing; art-based, clinical researcher specialized in RCTs & desk-based research projects | research consultant.

Hobbies - freelance artist - visual arts (drawing/sketching, miniatures, photography, resin art, makeups, alcohol ink...). Expressive Art facilitator/consultant



#我想要这样在人世间行走 #窥视人间的娃娃

#有人只能在背后胡乱造謠.辛苦你们了. 我只顾活得洒脱&無懈可擊



#人生就是要不停打怪, 尝试实践自己的想法. 从中获得存在的意义. 如果你喜欢我的影片, 请点赞评论分享訂閱! . . .


📍座標 英國 © 上海



The pictures below are NOT potentially sold for business intention - *No commercial purpose* -. These are mostly my sketch/drawing practices for improving my sketching skills in 2D and 3D approaches, however, contact me for further requests. Thank you. 

Pink Peony


Fan’s always attempting to push the boundaries of design with what she can create through all mixed mediums.  Her design, drawings, portraits are distinguished by unique undertones, attempting to bring out the best of creative potential. 

More works will be upcoming soon. 

Prints, photobook, photo tiles

Please contact me to know more information about my postcards design, there are more variety of specific designs, this includes back/front card design, background colour, greeting/wishing words, plus you can select any of my drawings, photos to put on the postcard. Each postcard costs £5 excluded shipping fees.
Regarding my orginal drawings or artcrafts in physical form, plus other merchandise with my artworks' prints on, such as glass tiles, photobooks, calenders, etc...please contact me, thank you.

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