Crystal Salt

Name: 【Double-face】

Inspired by【思覺失調症】


Creator: Fan.L

Material: canvas

Size: 15cm*15cm


"Schizo" refers to 分裂, "phrenia" refers to 心智...

Schizophrenia refers to a person's perception integration disorder. The symptoms are usually divided into 3 types: Positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive impairment.





Positive symptoms

hallucinations (see, hear, smell, taste, touch), all kinds of delusions (being suspicious & indiscriminately reasoning), nonsense (incoherent), make incomprehensible moves (strange facial expressions and body movements or do things that ordinary people would not do)...

Negative symptoms

 refers to defects in normal emotional reactions or thinking...Difficult to experience happiness, normal people would be happy or laugh when they see sth funny, but the Schizophrenia patient is unable to show proper emotional response. Lost interest in things that were once interesting. There will be also linguistic disorder, rarely talk to others, even if things are quite seriously important, they dont say much. Plus, there are symptoms of sociality and lack of motivation. Lost the motivation to accomplish the goal, it may also stay at home for a long time, unwilling to contact people...

Cognitive dysfunction

 include memory impairment, learning impairment, understanding impairment. In patients with schizophrenia, the most obvious is the linguistic memory deficit & difficulty concentrating...



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