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People usually cannot fake narcissism, you can get for a minute but not for a long time. Because narcissist usually is formed by family education. Narcissism is a byproduct of simultaneously overindulging, and underindulging a child, which is the reason causing woman are likely to become narcissist too. Parents constantly give child credit for just achievements. You make sure that you have the most fabulous sort of family life, you focus on their appearance, achievements, best events, vacation. But at the same time, parents underindulge that child emotional world. They don’t listen to child’s feelings, they are not present with them, its almost as though, it seems, at those moments they don’t care. Those make child only value for those exterior, kind of qualities, and they don’t learn from parents to cultivate their inner world. Unless children themselves realize these problems to change themselves or have a different friend circle or any other environment put influence on them, which is quite difficult...

From Dr. Ramani


Statistics have always been shown that men are much more prevalent and are more likely to be narcissists than women, because part of that is socialization , men, even boys are not taught about their emotions as much to not as turned into that empathy, compassion, vulnerability…These things are not valued in men, and those are often the core of character…Tough and openness parents teach can turn into things like a lack of empathy…Men are also measured on their achievements, being a provider of making a lot of money, having a big title, house etc…so those kinds of superficial drives which are pushed more for men and more valued in men…

If a women behaves in a narcissistic way, she often checked early in the game whereas if a man behaves that way he is not called out and he even feels like he always does the right thing in a rational way.

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