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  • Where are you based?
    Currently, I reside in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK...However, preferably, I would come to the South of England to develop potential possibilities of my career. Dont get me wrong, I do love living in Newcastle, as its the first place I had never lived in the UK, some memories of my growth are unforgetable.
  • Where are you from? Whats your family background?
    I was born in Shanghai, China, I am a completely Shanghainese. I am a bit rebellious, free spirits and a bit stronger self conscious compared with other friends during my student-life, yet, I am lucky that most lecturers either do appreciate me, support me, or leave me alone, so that I can keep what I originally am until now. I have a normal family. My grandma comes from Fujian, Southeast of China, but she lived in Shanghai since junior school, so my mother was born in Shanghai too. My grandmother's father is Zaofan Chen, deputy director of Jiangnan Shipbuilding Chief, a wheel expert, and Huiyin Lin‘’s cousin. I get two aunts, two cousins who are older than me, and they live in America before I was born. They are both academic people with PhD degree in Cornell University and Harvard university, they are both interesting, artistic people. My sister plays violin, my brother plays piano as the same as me. I am always the plainest one as I accepted since a kid, even though I never like to compare with each other. My mother really loves me, I can say that she put almost over 90% of her attention on me since she had me. But every growup gets their different notions & values of raising a child, and my mother did not expect I am such a young lady who prefer "colourful life" rather than being considered having a "sucessful life", so she finally gave up putting her own standard on me. My father is a free-spirited, kind and mindfulness person, he does the silicone business for breast implant and anti-wrinkles under-eye pads. He always taught me that: "You can always admit others do things better than you, but no one stronger, better than you overall." and I need to keep pursing my own value in my life. Acutally, I know there are always people better than me in general, you cannot avoid it, I knew it since junior school...but thanks for my dad's love...I am who I am, no pretend, no showoff, and I need to always improve myself as a person.
  • You graduated as a dietary researcher, came from a nursing background, then become an illustrator. That was quite a leap, how did that all happen? Did you always know you had passions for art?"
    Drawing was always my hobby since when I was a kid, although I did not draw that much because my mother educated and monitored me to focuz on playing piano and studying, I clearly remembered I was always truly happy when I drew, sometimes I hided my drawings under my pillow to dream about the stories in which my drawing character plays the major role. In my mother generation, my mother was not so wrong regarding the notion of her daughter going to art school (she thinks of Jean-François Millet, Van Gough when she thinks of being living as an artist, which are destitute, mentally unstable & self-insufficient), and I was also not certain about what exactly I wanted to do with my life either, while I was training to be a clinical nurse in my university life as my mother was relief that I can directly work in hosptial after graduation. In a deep sense, I felt that I did not discovery full me, and I cannot be entire me in nursing career for the rest of my life. Then I came to England for experiencing new things. After I came to the UK, especailly recent years during pandamic, I started REALLY think. Think that I shouldn’t only spend my life doing the things which are not my priority and I need to truly enjoy what I do. Therefore, I started to draw things when I were free. I aware that I need to take some gambles in life, but I also have to have enough chips on my table to play the game, so I never quit my job. Dont get me wrong, I am happy to do my current job, because I think it is a piece of meaningful work to people. However, drawing makes me more myself, so I hope I could spare more time on drawing to express myself, passing some strong spirit, supporting, encouraging people live a better life in general.
  • Can I get your work tattooed?
    Yes, please inform me in advance. Thanks.
  • Do you take commissions?
    Currently, no. Yet, it will be negotiable due to various circumstances...
  • Did you go to art school?
    No. not really. Yet, I plan to take online sessions/courses in Patreon in five years as long as I think I reach my skill limitation or I am unable to improve by myself. I know many great artists, illustrators such as WLOP, open Patreon for presenting the entire procedure of their works, I believed I will have a quite enjoyable time here.
  • How did you get interested in art? What job you want to do in the future?
    In a straightforward sense, I do love visual entertainments in any forms, I realized, since from high school in Shanghai. In addition, I find art is one of the best ways to present myself, express myself, release myself from the hectic reality, relief, strengthen & comfort my souls, and the sort of monumental expression and power appealed to me, along with the enormous gratification I found in having an unlimited realm of exploration, wherein I, with freedom, could express often complex and ambiguous inner visions and thoughts. Probably freelance illustrator and concept artist is my dream job.
  • Who is your current most admired senior artist ?
    If I have to pick one, I would say Yuko Shimizhu, who is a female Japanese illustrator. Her art style is cute, vivid, full of sweet childhood memories. In most part of time, I love the artist who draw more or less the same style as me, but her artworks impress me, it also because her experience gives me a lot of encourgment and inspiration. In her blog, she said "Trust her when she said age is just an number", "Clients only care about two things: 1.your work 2. you are nice to work with." "They never ask your resume, degree, grades, age, and seldom care about your gender, race, or nationality (unless they are looking for someone very specific for a project). Basically, nobody cares who you are as long as you deliver." I admore her and would love to be another her in the future. In addition, I collected my favourite artists and their works in my blogs in case I lost my memories, haha...Well, it is actually convenient for me to apprecriate their works.
  • What inspired you?
    That's a complicated questions with a complicated answer. In short, It could be anything I sense around. From outside world, I am mainly inspired by surroundings, people around me, my personal life experiences, other artists works, and simply the beauty and complexity of moments in both dream and reality. For inner world, I draw something I feel basically.
  • Where do you find your inspiration?
    From outsider world, I find much inspiration from magazines, video games, Artstation, Pinterest, Deviart, or just coincidently find my inspirations by browsing the internet, etc... I believed that eventually, artworks are the intimate windows into the inner world of any artists' peculiar characters and creatures. I tried to focus on narratives gathered from the hidden chambers of my concretized spirit and transformed into stories or dreamscapes.
  • Are you working as a full-time artist?
    No, not really, unfortunately. I am a full-time dietary researcher currently. However, I would love to put more time in illustrations or any art creats.
  • How much do your work cost?
    It depends on different products. Every product is unique and wll be recreated if you want to order any. Please contact me by email or contact me here. Thank you very much.
  • How long does it take to finish a drawing?
    Honestly, the answer can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the drawing, how inspired I am, how I feel at that moment & how much time I get to draw during my free time. Unluckily, for these years only can I complete basic and small pieces to explore my art field. It also depends on the toolkits I use for doing pieces. Normally I use mechanical pencils, sketch pencils, charcoal pencils, marker pens, ink pens, acrylics, oil pastels, and alcohol ink to paint and draw in the traditional way, but currently, I draw 2D digital art to canvas." I hope that in the near future I will get enough & more time to do a medium or large piece of work.
  • What software you are currently using and what software you plan to use or you know in the near future?
    On I pad Pro I use Procreate, Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop mostly. References are basically from Artstation and Pinterest. For 2D, Corel Painter, Paint Tool SAI, Krita, Clip Studio Paint and ArtRage 6. For 3D, Nomad Sculpt, Sketchup, Forger, Blender, Zbrush, DAZ Studio, Maya, Octane Render, Megascans, Adobe Substance 3D Painter/Designer. Patreon is for learning in the future. For materials, I use creatormix, Mixkit, pexel, Pixabay For photo editing, I used MeituXiuxiu, Inshot, Ulike, Canvas, Lumii - photo editor For Video editing, I use Capcut, davinci resolve, voicemakers, Pixabay, MeituXiuxiu, InShot, vsdc free video editor, vsdc video capture and screen recording, iMovie, Videoshow, Youcut, Openshot Video Editor, HitPaw Video, Canva and Stop Motion. I mostly used ClickUp, Trello and Asana for multiple project management software. For writing editing, I use Quillbot, ChatGPT, Quantum (future probably). For the qualitative research method, Qurikos, Nvivo, Thematic, cauliflower, MAXQDA, RQDA, TAMS, QCAMP, LibraQDA, ATLAS.ti, taguette, QCAmap, Weft QDA For the quantitative research method, SPSS, R. For social media, I mostly use YouTube, Artstation, Patreon, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
  • Do you listen to music when you are creating? If so, what type of music?"
    Yes, I do, obviously. I cannot live without music honestly. In terms of the types of the musics, I do not usually choose a certain type, yet, I can names some songs I love...I usually love listening the light musics while I am drawing, for example, music named "The Gift Of Light" from Steve Booke; "I Had a Vision", "Tadow" from Masego, FKJ; "Body Party" from Ciara, "Homeward" from Trevor Kowalski; "Always with me" "One Summer Day" "The name of life" from Joe Hisaishi, "ORION" from Mika Nakashima; "Disturbance" "One shot, two shot" "Only one" from BoA; "Bassline" "Step into my world" "So nice" "Strip" "KO SO KO SO" "4 MORE" from Koda Kumi; "Burning" from Maria Arredondo; SAYONARAベイベー feat. SKY-HI,『リップスティック』from Miliyah Kato 加藤ミリヤ ; 大塚愛-星象儀 and 金魚花火; 青山テルマ feat.SoulJa / そばにいるね; M2M - The Day You Went Away; Free Style(프리스타일) - Y (Please Tell Me Why).
  • What do you usually follow on your Instagram? What social media you often used as an artist? Any interesting?
    On Instagram, apart from hundreds of traditional artists, digital artists, illustrators, doll designers, fantasitical scuplturers, tatoo artists, such as Yuumeiart, WLOP, nixeuu, Shumakerart, HongDam, audraauclair, dibujantenocturno, yuuki morita, I do follow elsableda, who is a photographer based in Southern Africa. I also follow other typs of IG account called "Between Mirrors", "Garyvee", "barry_thepuffer", I love any types of sea creatures, so I follow almost all aquarium account, and animals such as "adorable.monkey" etc...I do follow Koda kumi and ASOS sisters, because they are always my stars. Why not just follow me on IG? I can show you more interesting world of mine. I often use Artstation, IG, Pinterest and Youtube.
  • When you sleep, if you remember, what are your dreams like?"
    What I can describe is that it is almost some unrealistic fractions mixed with something happened stressful, impressive, etc... during my life. It basically makes no sense everytime I tried to remember after I wake up, however, during my dreams, I was quite enjoying and cool. Honestly, I cannot mange to remember what really happened in details in dreams, perhaps I need to write down immediately right after I wak up...
  • What do you want people to experience when they see your work?
    At first, I hope people would find it interesting at least, then the word I want people feel from my works is "Power". Simultaneously, I am more than happy if it can provide a little food for thought in some way or another since I also put my thoughts, ideas and psychological knowledge into most of my works. I usually draw subjects I like to be, or I draw intuitively and un-intentionally in my mind from time to time. I also draw about people's vulnerabilities and flawness, and I want show that people's vulnerabilities, flawness are completely acceptable, which make you you, its a proud thing, nothing to be feeling bad about it. It also could be the reason why you are charming and powerful, and based on that, being shine and gorgeous. . Either way, I am also glad that people simply enjoy the work for its aesthetics, the brushstrokes and colours. My works do not have a certain idea of what it shall mean or how it should be interpreted.
  • How would you describe your work space?
    I would describe my working space as interesting, full of my vibe, dark, quiet, calm and comfortable. Cuz darkness simply makes me calm and focuz, so I get used to feel that way enjoyable...Its more or less like my spiritual space if you can sense that. I try my best to keep it clear, tidy and harmonious in my eyes, which helps me to utilize all tools as much as possible in a environment where I can indulege. Well, my work desk will be changing over years with my preferred style, with many papers, canvas, Macbook, I pad pro, all ink pens, pencils, brushes, marker pens and all other materials scattered around the floor beneath and table.
  • Can I use your art/ post it on my website/ or sell it?
    My artworks if free for public viewing, and as long as you credit me as the original artist, and provide a link to my website, you are free to post my drawing on your own site, blog, social media, etc. However, under no circumstances can you try to sell or profit from my artwork. That includes putting my drawings on posters, T shirts, mugs etc and selling them. You also cannot sell digital versions of my work. If you want to license my work as part of your commercial product, please contact me for the proper procedure to avoid copyright infringement. Nonprofit charities are welcomed to use my work for free, but I would prefer to be notified beforehand. Thank you so much.
  • How is your relationship? Are you okay with answering that?
    I know people would get any assumptions in terms of others' love life, private life based on terrible game called "he said, she said". and people get their own perspectives. Some stories when they told me what they think or heard quite funny. But, eveutally, its just two people, or few people things. Unluckily, I cannot control what other behave behind, I am unable to predict what they really are. However, any interesting tales only can be verified by me. I realized that my kindness, patience and tolerance was taken advantage by mental double-faced people. I was enough dealing with narcissisitc hypocrites who live in his imaginary mental castle, distort, manipulate the fact into their own way to satisfy their self ego, but pretend like a decent gentleman to deceive others. I believe others, police are not stupid, they get their own judegment, justice would come back eventually. I sincerely want to give other girls a reminder that do not trust what they want you to see, you need to see them in deep. My love life is overall perfect, happy and satisfying. Ups and downs, its fun, warm and promising. I know the person who I been with now...He is awesome. I could never imagine I have this man in my life.
  • What are you doing now and what was it about Northumbria of Newcastle that made you decide to study here?
    I am more likely to secure a job less aligned to my line of study topic "healthcare" or "dietary interventions for healthy ageing" and I have been always trying to build up my career basis at the university or other research companies, allowing me to be involved in research surrounding topics I am interested in. I studied my undergraduate degree of nursing science at Northumbria and had no doubt in my mind that I would continue my education here with a master's course in nutrition science. I was also able to study a PhD at Northumbria. I have been always appreciating a warm and friendly atmosphere in here. My supervisors are amazing and our cooperation and positive relationship are memorable, at last but not least, our research project was inspiring. Both the theoretical, statistical and practical skills I gained during my PhD, such as working with PWV, FMD equipment, phlebotomize in my research clinical trial and understanding the process of testing blood inflammatory biomarkers levels through participants' blood samples, allow me to stand out from other applicants when applying for roles in research. The friendships I made and the facilities there were for studying either on my own or for group work is also one of the most enjoyable things.
  • How long will it take to receive my order? How do I pay for my order?
    I work on my own, and I draw, sign, print, package and ship all my orders myself. I process my orders for the week every week-end, so count at least 2 weeks before I ship your items. Within the UK : 3 to 5 business days Europe: 7 to 15 business days International: 15 to 30 business days Accept All Major Debit & Credit Cards transfer.
  • What is this store's return and exchange policy?
    If you change your mind before your order has shipped, I will refund you in full, no questions asked. If you change your mind but your order has already shipped, I can accept items back within 60 days, and I will refund you the cost of the print, minus the cost of shipping, after I receive the item(s) back in their original condition. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges to return the product(s) back to me, unless the fault was on my side, in which case I will take care of it all. Please contact me via email if you wish to discuss an order. Alternatively, I can exchange a print for another of the same format, at no extra cost, if the package hasn’t shipped yet. I will always do my best to accommodate most situations, and either offer to refund, resend, or replace when possible. However, I do recommend upgrading shipping to tracked shipping if you can, for extra peace of mind. Please do be warned that if you provided me with an incorrect address, spelt it wrong or moved without notifying me, and your package gets returned to sender, I will have to charge you again for shipping it to the correct location if you still wish to receive it.
  • Why haven't I received my items yet?
    If you haven’t received an email letting you know that your order has been shipped, please make sure to check your order page. If the status on your order does not say shipped either, and more time than the 1 to 3 week window I state in question 3 has elapsed, feel free to get in touch! I may have forgotten to change the status of your order or something came up, or I need more information and emails are not getting through to you for some reason or other. I am only one person so sometimes some things can fall through the cracks. You will be notified by email and on your order page when your order is shipped, but if you find it is taking an unusual amount of time to get to you, let me know and we can try and find out together. Please do not get in touch before at least 1 MONTH has passed since your order shipped (unless based in the UK). Postal services internationally are slower these days, and it is not unusual for packages to get slowed down at customs or in transit and sit at borders for a little while.
  • Damage/ What if something is wrong with my order?
    That said, if we are really unlucky and things still get damaged during shipping, I will replace or refund the item. I cannot do anything for an item that was damaged post-shipping. PLEASE keep any damaged packaging and take pictures, as it may be used as evidence for insurance and claims purposes. If possible, take pictures of any damage and forward it to me when you get in touch.
  • Tracking/Loss of order?
    All my prints, photobooks, photo tiles, limited editions, and stickers, are sent TRACKED by default. My prints ARE NOT, to keep the costs (and therefore price) down. If you wish for your print order to be tracked, there should be such an option at checkout when you input you country and shipping preferences. PLEASE NOTE : For some reason, my postal service doesn't offer a tracked option for some specific countries/locations, such as Dubai and Mexico. They do offer a "Signed" service, which is the next best thing, and available at the same price as tracking, so that is the equivalent service you will receive if you select the tracked shipping option but require it sent to one such location. In the very unfortunate event that an order might get lost in transit, please understand that I have no control over the post office, and that once the order is out for delivery, it is out of my hands. Leave about a month before letting me know that your order hasn't arrived, as some sometimes take longer than expected. If after a month, your order still hasn't reached you, get in touch. I will give you a choice between refunding you in full, or replacing your order, depending on what you'd prefer. Please bear in mind that I am loosing more out of this than anyone, so please don't have a go at me for something I have no control over, and understand that I am always doing my best to keep you happy.
  • If your order comes back to me unclaimed?
    If your order happens to be sent back to me, because it was either never claimed at the post office on arrival, or the address I was given was wrong, I am afraid you will need to pay shipping again for me to send it back to you. I copy-paste the address on your package from the address you write at checkout, to minimise the risk of errors, so always double-check that your address is correct before putting in your order.
  • Need an awesome cat sitter when you are busy?
    Please find my catinaflat page below, thank you. Or email me directly.
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